Domino Donkey

by Stephanie V. Moody

Domino Donkey knew nothing at all.

So he stood all day long

by himself

in his stall.

Because he knew nothing, he said only “no,”

as he sadly stood shaking his head to and fro.

He said “no” to the chickens, the rooster the cow,

And” no” to the pony, the hog and the sow,

And “no” to the puppies, the dog and the lamb.

And “no to the flowers, the birds and the ram.

And “no” to the ducklings, the cat and her brood.

He said “no” to all things, but not to be rude.

You see, he knew nothing, not one little bit.

And if he knew nothing, then how could he fit

with all of the animals out on the land?

Why, if he knew nothing he can’t give a hand

With all of the hard work that has to be done,

with all of the playing and all of the fun.

So Domino stood in his stall in the shed

Just shaking and shaking and shaking his head.

'til one day a bird perched near Domino’s ear,

And whispered quite softly so no one could hear.

“If you know nothing,

there’s one thing to do,

Get out of your stall

and go learn something new.

Everyone near here has something to teach you

but if you stay in here, then how can they reach you?

Just keep your ears open and don’t miss a word.

And you will learn

new things from what you have heard.”

So Domino crept from his stall in the shed. He perked up his ears and stopped shaking his head

until all the animals gathered around

to meet the new donkey who made such a sound.

And when they had heard why he only said “no,”

They wanted to help him to learn and to grow.

The hog and the sow oinked, “We play in the mud.

The cow mooed quite softly while chewing her cud,

“Now, I give my milk to the people each day

I make it myself from a mountain of hay.”

The ducklings quacked loudly. “We swim in the pool.”

The pony neighed, “Children ride me after school.”

The chickens clucked softly, “We know how to lay

A perfectly oval fresh egg every day.”

The cat the the kittens meowed.

We are best at catching a rodent or small barnyard pest.”

While dogs in the barnyard would bark the alarm and guard all the animals’ homes on the farm.

So Domino Donkey learned all that he could

    (Except about flowers, the ones that smell good).

    Not ever again would he stand in his shed --

    He’d rather be learning than shaking his head.

    And although he had a great distance to go.

    Before he learned all that he wanted to know.

    It made him quite happy, while eating his hay,

    To know he’d learn more things the very next day.